3 Ways to Give Yourself Love This Valentine’s Day

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I thought this year for Valentine’s day I would have a bitter attitude and feel depressed about it.  Instead, I actually feel the love in so many other areas in my life especially the love from myself.  I have gone through a lot of heartbreak and I feel so proud of myself for taking the time to heal instead of jumping into another relationship. Myself loves me for doing that and taking the time to finally give myself the attention and care that I needed.  So, if you are someone that is single and feeling depressed or angry about V-day coming please take a deep breath and read on how you can give some much-needed love to yourself. If you are in a relationship or married maybe you still feel like something is missing or that you also need to give love to yourself.  Just because you are with someone you should never stop loving yourself. It is important to fill the cup you are drinking from.  It is not selfish to give yourself attention and love so get used to it and stop feeling guilty about it. 

1) Write yourself a love letter. I am big on journaling as a way of expressing yourself.  So, if you journal already this wouldn’t be that far off you would just write to yourself. If you don’t journal this is a great way to start expressing yourself.  Write a letter describing how you feel about yourself.  Maybe you don’t have a lot kind words but think of some positives to tell yourself on this day.  Talk about some things you like about yourself and offer supportive words to yourself.  Write it out just like you would your significant other.  Give some of that love you give to others to yourself in this letter.  Also talk about your body in this letter. I know as women we put our bodies down so much.  Offer kinds words here about your body so you can get used to hearing yourself say positive things about yourself. 

2) Buy yourself a gift. If there is something you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself give it to yourself as a gift.  I did this for myself this Valentine’s day. I wanted a pretty ring so I found one online and I did tip number one when it asked if this ring was a gift, I checked the box yes and it gave me a box to write a message to the person receiving the gift.  I wrote a couple of sentences to myself and wrote love me, XOXO.  Then when it came in the mail today I felt so special and proud of myself. The gift symbolized that I could count on myself through thick and thin.  Do something thoughtful and special just for you. 

3) Share the love. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples share the love with family, friends, co-workers even strangers.  I sent some family members a card letting them know I love them.  You can never tell your loved ones you love them enough.  A great way to share the love is to volunteer your time to a charity that is special to you.  Giving back will make you feel great and will in turn fill your heart with joy and love. 

I hope you feel better about Valentine’s Day or that you can make it through if you are going through heartbreak. Just know you are special and deserving of love and that there are good people out there for you to love but you should learn to love yourself first before you can be ready to love in a healthy and mature way.  If you are in a relationship remember to never stop giving love and attention to yourself because you don’t want to forget yourself and get lost.  Always start with self-love and it will lead you down to cupid’s path. 



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  • Shailo on

    I love to write. It always makes me feel better. Valentine’s day can be hard, but you can always give that love to yourself 💓

  • Rachel on

    I think I’m going to treat myself to something I need, and yet it’s not an item…
    I’m going to book a facial & hot stone back massage.
    I think about my hair, skin and nails but not my aches & pains, except in a negative way!
    This will be my treat, to my body to say thank you for everything you do for me.
    (I broke my back 7 years ago & had to have full spinal surgery)

  • Ivana on

    journaling is great! also love that you included volunteering :) there are so many ways to share love :)

  • Zeny on

    I’m big on journaling. It is so therapeutic. I think writing a love letter to yourself is such a beautiful way to show appreciation & gratitude for all that you are? beautifully written!

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