5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues and Stay on Track

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Baby it is cold outside and it is making me blue. I live in Chicago it has been gloomy since December with one or two days where I have seen a blue sky or the sun. Therefore, my mood and goals have mirrored the gloominess so I had to snap out of it and create my own sunshine. So here are my top 5 tips on how I try to make the best out of the winter and to stay on track.

1) Create Light. If your work area or living space does not have a lot of natural light it is critical to creatt lighting for your mood and body to be energized. I just moved into a new apartment that doesn’t have ceiling lighting so I had to create lighting with lamps. I also invested in remote lighting so it is easy to press a button on the remote to turn on all my lamps. If your work area or living space is dark during the day because of the gloomy weather your body and mind will think it is the evening or night time thus making it tired and your energy will drop. I also used to work in a basement. Being away from natural sunlight can truly make you depressed. Invest in a sun lamp to create that sunshine. This has truly made a difference for me investing in lighting that will perk me up.

2) Supplements. All year long it is important to get vitamins but in the winter, it is so important to take vitamin D supplements. Again, without the beloved sun, our vitamin D levels will not be great. All-purpose vitamins are also great to make sure you are getting the right vitamins to help keep your energy up. This is a great time to also start drinking nutritious teas such as green tea, matcha, and kombucha tea. These teas are great for the digestive system and will also add to your energy. I drink tea every morning, afternoon and at night. Coffee is a bit harsh on the stomach and so I choose to drink tea because of the added nutritional benefits.

3) Eat Intuitively. When the weather is in the teens all I want to do is eat, eat, eat. I may add I want to eat comfort food, not salads of course. For some people especially, us women this may bring stress to your life because you, of course, feel guilty for wanting to eat and scared to gain weight. Trust me even being on this body positivity journey I still face that critical voice telling me I shouldn’t eat certain things or that I should be constantly on a diet. I have ditched diets because I didn’t want the added stress of counting calories which never helped me anyway. Instead, I eat when my body tells me it is hungry. When I crave comfort food I eat it. What I try to do is eat in moderation and I choose quality food. I also make sure to eat enough protein in all of my meals to keep me full. It is our primitive impulse we have that says we should stock up on food for winter and to keep warm. Just listen to your body and give it what it wants.

4) Count Your Blessings. This is something again you should do all season long. For the winter it is easy to jump on the negative Nancy bandwagon. Every morning you wake up just be grateful you did. Hold gratitude that you still have a day of life whether it is negative below or not. It is easy to forget that we have so much to be thankful for. Write things down you have to be thankful for and carry them with you and read it whenever you feel the doom and gloom.

5) Family Time. Don’t forget to make time for family. Winter is a perfect time to get together with family or friends and catch a movie to do something indoors like a museum. My family is in another state but with today’s technology, I make sure to make time for facetime, snaps or old-fashioned phone calls. Speaking with loved ones is truly a great way to perk you up and great for spending quality time together. Maybe winter is the perfect time to implement a game or movie night where everyone gets together no phones, no computers. It is so important to speak to each other all year long but there is no excuse during the winter time if you are barred indoors.

Hope these tips can help with alleviating some of the gloom and picks you back up to carry on to live the best and happiest life possible. Don't forget to have some fun. It is a huge snowday today so out make a snowman, snow angels, or do some sledding like a big kid.  Please comment some tips for us all on how you stay positive during the winter season. 

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