Fall in Love with Yourself

Date yourself. Take yourself out to eat. Don’t share your popcorn at the movies with anyone. Stroll around an art museum alone. Fall in love with canvases. Fall in love with yourself.

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 A new season is upon us, Fall. I always get mixed emotions from people when Summer has ended because some people dislike cold weather or have issues with other things. I like to find the beauty in everything and Fall is my favorite season because of the gorgeous colors of leaves changing and the calm breeze with the sound of leaves falling. It reminds me that like seasons we can change and grow as well. If you have had troubles, pain, failure just remember like seasons it’s only temporary.T ake all you can and learn from all the changing seasons in your life and remember the things that inspire you the most and the things that hurt you the most. Grow from the things you can change and control and the other things let them go. Fall in love with the process of life and trust it. Live for today, not the past or present and you'll be less burdened.

One of my favorite discussion comes from Madea in they play "Madea Goes to Jail." Where she talks about how people can also be seasons that come into our lives and if they are not fitting within our values then we need to let them go no matter what because things that are made to be there for only a season must run its course so new people can come your way. It is a reminder that all things in life are temporary it may seem depressing but unlike those people that hate when a season changes try to embrace the change and see what each new season is trying to teach you about yourself. This is the perfect time to get to know yourself and take yourself out on some romantic dates.  Here are some great tips to help you with the change of the season.  

1) Set New Goals.  Everyone loves New Year's because it's a chance to start new and set new goals. Why not do that every quarter when seasons change. This is the perfect time to get motivated again and start setting new goals. Especially if you dislike cold weather Fall and Winter is the perfect time to crunch out goals if Summer activities were a distraction. Then by the time the new year comes, you will already have a head start with new goals and you'll be ready to add on more or to complete them when the new year starts.

2) Go for a Drive.  As I said for me I love the changing of the leaves it’s so gorgeous. I took an hour and a half drive to Milwaukee to see a gorgeous nature area.  It was so nice to go out and get a change of scenery from my area and get out of the big city (Chicago) to a nice scenic drive. Find areas nearby that you never knew about or always wanted to check out. Pumpkin patches, apple orchids are also a fun time to get out and just have a plain good ol’ time.

3) Date Yourself.  Fall is the perfect time to go on a date with yourself. Yes, a date. Go somewhere you know would be special to you. Maybe that’s just a quiet time in the tub, manicure or a museum. But the point is to have time alone with yourself. When I tell people, I like to date myself they look at me strangely and I look at them strangely because some of these people hardly do things by themselves anymore. The drive I talked about above I went on my own. I wanted to take in the beauty of nature and listen to what that experience was teaching me about myself. Then later I can take people there to visit and have another experience. Dating yourself will help break any unhealthy codependent issues and actually help your relationships because you can break away and try to clear out your mind and talk to yourself about what’s on your mind without distractions or ill advice that may harm you more than help you. So, don't be afraid of going anywhere by yourself it's amazing! Try it this Fall. 

4) Add New Pieces to Your Wardrobe.  Of course, since this is a fashion based site this is the perfect excuse to add some new Fall pieces to your wardrobe. I do like to wear tank tops and no socks so it is kind of a bummer when I must start layering up. But I then start looking at Fall outfits and I get excited about trying new trends. Check out our last blog post on ways to get you excited about Fall outfits.

5) Make New Friends/Networks.  I know for some people they feel like they have a good enough circle to where they don’t want to expand meeting new people or networking with others in their jobs. But why limit yourself? Yes, it is hard to trust and let new people in but you can really grow and learn from others when you meet new people. The dating yourself part is great for this because you can chat with other people to hear what brought them to the place and who knows you could have much in common to gain a new friend or business contact etc.

 See how exciting change is? Nothing grows out of comfort zones. Push yourself to embrace change. The world is full of amazing things and people don't limit yourself to the same old places, people, and sights. Change is hard and you must adjust but it's a process that must happen so why not let the process go within ourselves.

 Comment below which idea you are going to try to implement in your life. What is your favorite season?



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