Give Up Pressuring Yourself in 2019


The journey isn’t about becoming a different person. It’s about loving who you are right now. ~ Suzanne Heyn

New year new me. We all know it’s the season of resolutions. Resolutions we add so much pressure and stress to them that our motivation usually deflates within a month or two so we eventually give up. Then we feel guilty subconsciously all year long until the next year when we say we will try again only to give up again. Here are tips on how to stop adding pressure to the new year new me and really appreciate who you are now and to be more optimistic about your goals all year long.

1) Think about why you want this goal and who really wants it. Are you starting a goal because you feel pressure from outside sources? Diet propaganda, pressure from friends and family. Starting a goal that means nothing to you and doesn’t come from your own desire will surely set you up to fail. Plus, why would you want to accomplish someone else's goal? Make sure you are creating the goal for yourself, not others or because the media put it in your head that you are not good enough or that something is wrong with you. Create goals that are in line with your passions and desires.

2) Be proud of who you are right now. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to do and be more and more instead of being proud of what we already accomplished. I know for me I take on so many projects and get so overwhelmed and usually stop before I complete them. Instead, I should slow down enjoy what I am currently doing and make little adjustments as I go along. Writing down goals and prioritizing them is also a good way to keep you from overwhelming yourself. Also, try to enjoy the process of the details and have patience so you can do things right and have a clearer mind without stress. We can’t get instant results for anything so don’t be in a hurry to accomplish things in a short period of time. Enjoy the journey and give yourself time.

3) Build on goals instead of creating new ones. As said above sometimes when we create new or extra goals that add extra stress and can delay the progress we made on older goals. You don’t have to create new goals. You can build on the goals you already have started. If you already have done great accomplishing a goal maybe you just need some fine tuning with it to focus on that rather than creating a whole new goal that may be too overwhelming.

4) Create no pressure at all. Maybe the goal you have for the new year should be absolutely nothing. Just because it is a new year doesn’t mean you have to create any goals at all. Sometimes self-care is just taking a load off your mind and enjoying what you have. Gratitude is something everyone should obtain more every day. Gratitude will help you accomplish more than you could imagine without even trying. When you are grateful for what you have you feel positive and want to give what you have been given to others.

So this year take it easy be kind to yourself be grateful for who you are and what you have already accomplished. If you haven’t quite accomplished anything start with a goal of not being hard on yourself and start with small adjustments to get you going again. Remember you have to make the goals your own not based on what others think. Everyone has so much value to offer this world believe in yourself and be good to yourself.

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  • Sherie on

    This is amazing and so true, thank you so much xxx

  • Jen (Body Positive Works) on

    I couldn’t agree more and just wrote something similar in our newsletter. ! The new year can be so triggering …thank you for giving me permission to chill! 😎

  • Bea on

    I love the mention of gratitude. My parents have always put pressure on me and my siblings to go to college, graduate and get careers that they deemed suitable. But none of us have done that. We’ve created our own paths and rejected the pressure they put on us as their kids. I thank the universe every day for my opportunities and the life I’ve made for myself by following my heart and gut lol. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions because my entire life is a resolution in a way. I’m always working on myself and trying to better myself and be successful, but it’s on my own terms. It will happen when it’s supposed to. I find that I’m much more at peace with myself and life when I don’t allow anyone (or myself) to add unneeded pressure! Great post!

  • Carolyn on

    This makes so much sense and is in line with my own philosophy for life. Thank you :)

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