How to Feel Sexy and How to be Sexy as a Plus Sized Woman

When it comes to feeling your best as a plus size woman confidence is key. Sometimes it can be tough to feel extremely confident in your body if you are experiencing an off day. Here are some top strategies that you can use to feel sexier and more focused even if you are feeling a little frustrated with your body:

Start taking care of yourself: taking some time to soak in a bubble bath or even just use some cleanser on your face can help you feel differently. It's amazing how we can feel when we drink plenty of water and work at eating healthy as well as how keeping clean can help improve our mood. Taking care of your skin and your body can make a big impact on your appearance as well.

The expressions you use: the expressions that you use in a given day such as walking outside with a smile on to have a huge effect on your mood. Making sure to smile and make eye contact with new people can really make a big impact on how you are perceived. A positive personality is welcomed by others and goes a long way. So be interesting and yourself.

Adding a new fragrance: Smelling great can help you to feel much more confident as well. By adding a new feminine fragrance to your routine you can make a huge impact on the way that other people see you and how you feel confident in yourself.

Try a new outfit: Pick out an outfit that celebrate some of your finest features and don't be afraid to add a little glam with some bright colors, confident cosmetics and more. Adding a bit of style and flash to your look can help you feel great walking out the door. Showing more skin is not necessarily sexy. Sure showing some skin is endearing but sexy here is feeling great about the outfit you are in. Most men say they don’t look for a partner that dresses skimpily but more of a woman who is confident, fun and interesting.  Being classy and chic will make your feel not only sexy but quite powerful.

Be sure to try some of these top tips for feeling confident even if you are having some doubts about yourself!

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