Is Your Purpose in Life is to Obsess About Calorie Counting and Weight Loss?

Is Your Purpose in Life is to Obsess About Calorie Counting and Weight Loss?

Everywhere you go you see and hear so much about dieting and weight loss. Which most would think is a good thing right? To be healthy and fit is the better way to live life right? What does healthy mean? Is your weight making you sick daily? Do you have to have a sick pack of abs to be happy? Do you enjoy being in a gym? Is your purpose in life to be a trainer or nutritionist? Do you have goals of being in a fitness competition? These are questions you have to ask yourself before you start obsessing over a diet and weight loss.

Ok, so a lot of questions right. Well, these questions need to be answered before you start your weight loss journey because if you don't there is a high risk of you failing on your weight loss journey. You have to completely understand why you want to lose weight. Most women only want to be on a diet for none of the reasons above. The reason is most likely because they feel their body is just not good enough. What is good enough? That is another question you have to ask yourself. Do you look at pictures of JLO and say I want that body? Do you understand the amount of training and work JLO does to have her body like that? If so are you going to be able to put in that much work? First of all, it is not good to compare yourself to others. That is another topic for discussion. But if you have a goal make sure it is one for you not trying to look like someone else especially if you don't have the same body type because then you will end up disappointed or having to have plastic surgery. That is your choice but make sure that is truly what you want not because you don't feel good enough because after all that work you will still have that feeling because you have never dealt with that void you feel.

Life is so much stress itself. So many women stress about the decision to eat the piece of cake or not. Some women may even feel judged if they eat that piece of cake. Why? Because if we eat that cake will we appear that our life is out of control? Sounds ridiculous right but we all do it. I am not one to condone unhealthy eating or not exercising. But the time and energy we use to obsess about calories could be energy used for things we enjoy. It also causes us to feel sad, depressed and even hangry. You women know about hangry so angry that you cannot eat what you want becasue you are hungry. GRRR!

This is where you must go back to those questions in the first paragraph and analyze them before you start a diet? Also, the word diet means "a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons". I never liked this word because losing weight and obtaining a healthy weight should be a lifestyle change not just a fad diet or for a few months' ordeal unless it is some kind of medical reason where you must restrict certain foods. If you understand this you know that more than likely you will go back to gaining the weight if you are restricting yourself from foods you love if you don't have to for medical reasons. 

You must figure out what type of lifestyle you want. For instance, If you like to try new foods and restaurants you will not restrict yourself from that. Some people enjoy sweets and will not pass up that piece of cake. That is ok because those are things you enjoy in a portion-controlled manner.  Now if your passion is to be a physical trainer, or you want to be in a fitness competition then yes you must have to enjoy tough training and diets. But if this is not to your liking then you must accept the lifestyle you enjoy and know you may not have a six pack of abs from it. 

Why go through life stressing out about things you don't enjoy? Don't! Live your life the way you like healthily and happily. So do some soul searching about why you really want to diet and make sure it is for you and for a good reason and do it in a way that won't restrict you from things you like if you truly enjoy them. 

Comment below things you like to do and enjoy!

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