Making it a Goal to Love Yourself in 2017

Love Yourself in 2017 Because You Deserve It!

Setting intentions for the year is important to motivate individuals towards their goals. Loving yourself and your body more should always be a goal, and there are many ways you can make this happen. Avoid making the mistake of prioritizing weight loss and dieting as this probably won’t bring you joy. Instead make some resolutions that help you take care and love your body.

Eating well is part of feeling well, so focusing on healthy eating habits is a good intention to set. BUT keeping in mind that everyone deserves indulgences and that you shouldn’t feel bad for eating chocolate or ice cream whenever you want to. Cook more of your own food so you can have a greater appreciation for every bite.

Talk positively about your body, especially in front of friends and children. You’ll start to appreciate all the flaws you once focused on, and you’ll encourage future generations of body loving youth. Give your body compliments, even when you don’t think you deserve them. I like to say “I’m a badass bitch” in the mirror to make me feel confident, try to find your own mantra that builds you up.

Avoid triggers that shame your body. Perhaps you have a subscription to a magazine that makes you feel like garbage every time you read it. Or you have someone on Facebook that you constantly compare yourself with. Maybe it’s a girl in your friend circle that puts you down. Cancel, unfollow or avoid that this year, there’s no need for that envy or shaming in your life.

Wear what you want when you want to. Put on that  sexy dress that you think might be too tight if it makes you feel good. Chances are you look great in it. Pull that bikini out from the bottom of your drawer and wear it if you want to – don’t compare yourself to airbrushed celebrities in bikinis because they aren’t even real.

Changing your mindset is a huge step to accepting and loving your body. Start with daily affirmations such as “You are worth it” or “Your smile lights up the room”. Write it on your mirror, say it in your head, tell your best friend. You can also do gratitude lists where once in a while where you write out all the reasons you love yourself. Repeating these statements is key to changing your thought processes.

All of these options will slowly start to make you feel better about your body and happier overall. Make sure you make time to accomplish these goals, and if you find it hard to track, write it down or get a habit tracking app. You have the control in this situation and you deserve to be happy.

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