How to Feel Pretty with Positivity: Use the Power of Your Own Voice


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"Nothing can really mess with my baseline at this point in terms of my confidence. I have never been apologetic for what could be considered a flaw on my body." -Amy Schumer

This weekend I had to go out and watch the movie I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer. I absolutely loved the movie Trainwreck I’ve watched it countless times, so I said this movie had to be good.  I Feel Pretty didn’t make me laugh as much as Trainwreck, but it really tugged at my heartstrings and made me realize how ridiculous I have been for telling myself that I was never good enough or didn’t measure up to some ridiculous beauty standard that is unrealistic. This movie really is a must watch for all women.  I know a lot of people have their feelings about Amy Schumer but the message behind this movie to all women and really anyone should be seen.  Without giving too much away about the movie I just wanted to share my takeaways from the movie and some tips on how you can use the power of your own voice to get you through those tough times of self-doubt and inadequacy. If you haven’t watched the movie and don’t want it spoiled maybe come back and read this after you have watched.

Negativity will Promote Low Self Esteem.  Throughout the movie, Amy’s character has so much negative talk within herself.  Every time she looked in the mirror she looked at it with disgust.  I have been there, and I never want to go back to that ever again.  I used to think just like Renee that I had to look like a girl with measurements that were exactly 36-25-34.  I like Renee used to think those measurements and “ideal” beauty standard is what would make me worthy.  It was crazy because in the movie I would say wow she’s ridiculous she’s so negative and she’s beautiful and smart why doesn’t she see it? But then I said we have all been there with the same thoughts which made us look ridiculous.  It is so important to curve that negative inner critic because it can trick you into making you hide under a rock stopping you from living your life and conquering your dreams.  I have written a blog post on how you can Hush Your Inner Critic. Give it a read whenever you feel like you are battling with that negative voice. I read it because I struggle with that at times still it will always be a journey battling the negativity within yourself so don’t get down on yourself about it. 

Comparing Yourself to Others is Poison.  In the movie, Renee also compared herself to everyone and always felt ashamed of being herself.  Comparing yourself to others will automatically make you feel inadequate. Why? Because you are not that person and you can never be them.  Your brain knows this, so it shuts down saying how can I compete I will just give up.  That is exactly right you can never become someone else.  You must feel great about what you have and what you can offer.  I also wrote a blog post on how you can stop comparing yourself to others called Flowers Don’t Compete with Other Flowers They Just Bloom give that a read because comparing yourself to others is an absolute no if you want to be confident. 

Judging Others Makes You Look Ugly. In the movie, there were characters who tried to put Renee down or looked at her like she was ridiculous for feeling confident about herself.  Unfortunately, these types of people will always exist.  In fact, Renee even judged her friends and started to put them down when she started to feel superior but deep down she had always just felt bad about herself.  Whenever you are put down by others you must remember this is more of a reflection about themselves than you.  Misery loves company.  Read my blog post on How to Have a Comeback for Body Shamers to help you prepare for those type of negative people.

Fear Will Kill Your Dreams.  Amy’s character Renee also almost let fear kill her dreams of getting a job at the headquarter office of LeClaire Cosmetics instead of her office in a basement. Granted all the people who worked at the headquarters office seemed to be shallow and focused on appearance she still dreamed of working there. When she heard a receptionist position opened up she became so excited and went online to read the job description.  She checked off the qualifications that were technical skills that she knew she could do but when it asked that the person must be confident she knew deep down her confidence didn’t match up, so she closed the laptop and said I could never get this job.  Renee would have actually been taking a pay cut and would be doing something that demeans her skills, but she felt that job would make her feel beautiful. 

If you give into your negative voice you will always give into fear your dreams will slip away. Those dreams of getting that job, that love interest, etc.  These dreams are literally on the other side of fear.  Fear is just an illusion if you think about it.  You have to ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you go after your dreams?  Will it really be that bad? If you get rejected or fail for whatever reason you will at least have tried and more experience to try again.  If you don’t try at all what is the point of living?  If you wait for opportunities to be given to you, life will just pass you by.   Remember you are awesome at something and we all suck at something as well no one is perfect or has it together. Focus on your strengths and learn from your weaknesses but don’t ever give in to fear or give up.   

The ending of this movie made me cry because it was like I was telling myself that you were always beautiful you just at times didn’t see it and that is OK.  We are human and these negative feelings of self-doubt, fear, inadequacy is normal, so we must be kind to ourselves but also have tools to conquer those negative feelings because they can take control of your life if you let it.  Remember you are the one who controls how you feel about yourself and you have the power to call yourself beautiful. And you must know that your self worth is not tied to appearence. 

Did you go out and watch I Feel Pretty? What did you think?

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    I agree with your post completely. I was on the fence about watching this movie but think I will go ahead and watch it.

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