Four Things You Must Stop Doing If You Want to Love Your Body

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Learning to love everything you see back in the mirror without picking out flaws or saying you need to improve can be done. You may of course want to have certain goals and that is fine to if that is what you decide and want without regards to anyone else. You must stop doing these certain things if you want to master self-love and body acceptance. 

1) Stop Fearing the Mirror. Some of you have not taken the time to look at yourself in the mirror.  For some of you looking in the mirror can be terrifying.  All you do is bash yourself and so you avoid looking.  This is where you will have to work on making the first steps to overcoming that fear of truly looking at yourself.  Maybe start by on looking at yourself in smaller mirror instead of full length.  If you point out things on your face like your nose or forehead maybe start looking in the mirror at other attributes.  Then once you get comfortable looking at yourself from the neck up try moving toward a fuller length mirror. The idea here is to get acquainted with yourself by looking in the mirror. Look deep into your eyes and say hello. I know it sounds creepy and it might feel that way but you’ll be surprised at how much you have or have not really know yourself. 

2)Stop Saying Negative Things About Your Body. If you have made it through step one and you are ok looking in the mirror now it is time to stop that negative nasty voice within you.  For me I would go right to my stomach or boobs.  I would tell myself how saggy my boobs are and how squishy my stomach is. Oh, and when I turned to the side forget it. I would hate my small flat butt and just turn away saying I give up I am not good enough.  This is in my own home and in dressing rooms I would notice even more flaws on my arms, back just everything.  Dressing room mirror I should have added above are going to be the next level after you are ok looking in the mirror at home.  It wasn’t until I finally started seeing other women on social media with squishy and saggy boobs looking amazing in photos that I started to say positive things about my body. If you are not following our Instagram page @masterselflove please make sure to follow to get inspiration of how other women look and appear with bodies that are realistic.  Then try saying positive things like “wow you are hot.” Even if you really don’t think that way.  Say it or something radically positive and watch how much your attitude changes.  It really works.  The more positive things you say about yourself the more positive you become and yes you know it the more negative you say to yourself the more negative you will feel. Which attitude will you choose.

3)Stop Being Afraid of Being Sexy. For some people being sexy is something foreign to them.  Or maybe you think you can’t be sexy for some odd reason. Everyone and I repeat everyone can be sexy.  It is all about confidence and attitude.  All you have to do is turn on a Beyoncé video and mimic her and her dancers and there you go.  Most women have the idea that in order to feel sexy or look sexy is to become Beyoncé herself instead of being themselves.  You start to compare her body with yours and then you put yourself down and then the sexy goes out the window.  Instead join Beyoncé and dance with her.  The idea here is let loose and understand that you can be sexy it is all about your attitude.

Other ways you can feel sexy is buy some sexy lingerie or to buy something you would feel uncomfortable wearing or something you think you couldn’t wear. Wear it just for you to view and flirt with yourself in the mirror. This way you can see yourself in a different light in a sexy light that you deserve to be in. 

4)Stop Filling Your Body with Bad Stuff. If you are putting bad things into your body do you really respect your body. A lot of people will get upset with this last post because it will require you to reflect on some bad habits.  No one is perfect and I have some habits that are hard to quit. But this is where you should make a conscious effort to stop putting bad things into your body. Things such as junk food, cigarettes, drugs, pills, and excessive amounts of alcohol.  Educate yourself on the best quality foods and drink that won’t harm your body.  Often, we buy cheap foods but don’t realize they could be costing us our health.  Cigarettes we all know they are bad and you must decide if you want to value your health or not.  The same with abusing drugs and alcohol.  What you are telling your body and yourself is that you don’t value you or your body.  People I love smoke, drink and do drugs I don’t judge ultimately it is your choice. But if you want to be on a true self love and body positive journey those are big things you must look at quitting or at least limiting the intake.  

I wanted to focus on more of the some of the tough things that we may face because I believe to only way out is through.  You must tackle rough obstacles which means evaluating yourself and your lifestyle.  These are great ways to get started to self-awareness which helps promote a better understanding of yourself. Which in turn will lead to a better relationship with yourself.  It is worth it I promise!  Let me know what you struggle with in the comments in terms of loving your body and valuing yourself. 

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  • Thick fitness Coaching on

    This is a wondeful PST that reflects the ethos of what I teach through my health and wellness fitness coaching business. A health Mind filters through the soul and reflects through your body. It’s so so important to love your skin from the get go as it’s this body that’s going to get you to where you want to be. Be encouraged love ‘self’ now! Do not wait for validation from others. You are worth it now!!! Be beautiful to yourself! Tell yourself those things your heart longs to hear. Watch them grow and change appaires without you even realiseing.

    This is a wondeful post! Keep writing

  • Jasmine on

    Great post and positive message

  • TheLushDiva on

    Loved this! Great tips!

  • Lorial Roballo on

    This article is amazing! Thank you :)

  • Toni | Dr Toni DDS on

    This is something I have struggled with after having my second son and getting stretch marks and my belly not returning to prepregnancy state. You are totally right abiut not feed your body bad stuff. That is part of my battle of why I can’t lose the baby weight.

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