Shocking Fat Shaming Message to Carrie Duncan Meteorologist: The Real Ugly Side of Fat Shaming

Being in the limelight has got to be so tough because God forbid those people are human. Carrie Duncan, a meteorologist at the local South Mississippi channel WLOX has received the horrible end of hate from viewers about her weight. Many critics of the body positive movement say the movement is promoting obesity, promoting to be unhealthy. Tell me how the below message to Carrie Duncan is any way healthy?

I don’t care who you are or what you believe this is not ok. This person is a downright bully and it honestly sounds like she must deal with issues at home if her husband is so critical about looks. You see when someone deliberately goes out of their way to shame you, embarrass you this is a reflection on that person and not on you. This person deep down feels those exact same things about themselves and for some reason feels like she can purge it out to someone who is in a public setting so it’s a lot easier. If this woman’s husband wants to get turned on by someone giving him the weather, then he needs to find another channel it’s that simple. The sad thing is that Carrie Duncan has also put this message out that she has felt terrible about her weight. How mortifying for someone to call her out like that when she’s put it out there that she’s vulnerable with her body image. Therefore, we women must fight back with these types of messages. Honestly, Carrie was way too nice by blurring out this person’s email. Personally, I would have put it on blast but I understand she probably doesn’t want any issues regarding her work with the station.

Carrie chose to take the high road but we don’t know how she truly feels inside. It is always up to you as a person on how you will let the outside world affect you. I hope whenever you all feel the need to please someone or feel insecure you look deep inside at what you feel makes you special that doesn’t have to do with looks keep that special part of you alive because that is what matters most regardless. I hope the woman who wrote her this message can one-day lover herself as well. 

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