The Fashion Industry is Ignoring Plus Size Women


Not many of the fashion designers today can target what plus sized women want

When it comes to designers there are many fashion taste makers that are extremely well-versed at creating looks that are ideal for dinner or model shaped bodies. The big problem however is that this body type is the one that dominates the consumer market.

Many fashion designers create plus sized fashion looks which are extremely conservative and this goes far outside of the range that many plus size women are looking for. While with thinner shapes and designs made for dinner body types commonly have a bit of flirt or a bit of skin showing, many of the plus size fashions are extremely conservative and not too revealing.

As part of an upcoming focus on plus sized bodies and figures from actresses like Leslie Jones and Christina Hendricks, we need fashion designers to start focusing in on this body type. In a 2017 collection for spring from Siriano, some of the runway clothes seems to be too large on many of the models except for the ones with plus size body types. This was done purposefully to showcase the look of what these looks can do for people with more average body types.

With unique palettes as well as fun ruffles, beautiful hats accessories these are looks that showcase the fun of eveningwear and flirty clothing but for a plus sized audience. Skirts, pastels and with bolder looks that help plus sized women to look fabulous are not only what's in demand but a trend that we should see continue.

The nice part about these bold looks is that for once these aren't fashions that seem outdated or throwback designs. With some designs that celebrate the figure rather than try to slim it and looks that are a little bolder designers like Siriano are hitting the mark for plus size fashion and it could be just a short time before more step on board.

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