What is the #1 Reason We Hate Our Bodies? It’s Not What You Think

Experiencing body image issues, myself and hearing other lady’s stories have made me come to the conclusion that the number one reason we shame our bodies so much, is not what you think, but it is what OTHERS think. Yes, our opinions of ourselves are usually not even a thought because it has been embedded in our brains for most of us since we are young that we were never good enough that we had to be “perfect” being a woman.

Thus it began our negative voice within us was born and it has been growing up with us. That voice constantly makes you doubt yourself because you are so scared of having others judge you or talk about you. Some of these people you fear your own family’s opinions. I have been there. When I was young some of my family members said, “oh you don’t want to get fat people won’t like you” when I was in the 6th grade with God forbid a bit of chub on me. Instead, my family should have educated me on what eating right was and what exercising was if they were so concerned. Same goes for people who tried to make fun of me. I understand now that it was out of pure ignorance and just brainwashing of what society says we need to look like. Women did have to rely heavily on their looks to grab a man back then because that is all they had going for them. Now women can take care of themselves the game is changing. We care so much about what others think, friends, significant others, media, strangers, everyone!
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How often do we decide based on what we think 100%? To break through to a deep inner core confidence we must start valuing our opinions first. We must start asking ourselves why we care so much about what others think. It is just added pressure of complete nonsense. Sometimes the problem is that maybe we don’t care about what others think and others come and bring the drama to you without asking. Then we get afraid of doing what we want because we don’t want to deal with confrontation. When you reach a deep level of confidence you are ready for any BS and ready to flip the middle finger to anyone who wants to bring you down.

I have been through a lot of heartbreak and have pulled myself up without the help of anyone and that is how I am able to view that I am strong alone and that no one can bring me down but myself. It took a lot of work to bring myself up. It took me reading self-help articles and watching self-help videos constantly to gain a better understanding of myself. It took finally looking at myself in the mirror accepting any wrongs or disappointment that I may have brought upon myself and forgiving myself so that I could finally breakthrough to not need ANY validation or affirmation from anyone.

That is what you will have to do to gain a deep level of confidence. It will also be a long journey because those people out there who try to bring you down will always be there so you must build that shield to fight back because you know you are worth so much and need to protect yourself from harm. Stick with my blog posts and read other articles on building yourself love and self-awareness because there is no greater feeling than not caring about what others think making yourself the #1 critique. It is so revolutionary and so peaceful!

Comment below if you agree that the thought of what others think is the biggest reason for your negative body issues. I would love to hear your thoughts or stories.

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