Why Self-Acceptance Is So Important

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 “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
― Marilyn Monroe

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Having a good relationship with yourself is one of the most important things you’ll ever achieve in your whole life, especially because well… only you can pick yourself up and save yourself. No one truly knows ourselves better than ourselves so we must get to know ourselves and truly have a healthy relationship with ourselves. However, getting to the point in which you fully accept yourself and everything that you are, can be a little bit challenging. Getting there is not an easy road, but it’s surely a rewarding one.

What is self-acceptance?
Self-acceptance means being at peace with yourself, with who you are, what you like, what you don’t, your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yourself throughout and being okay and comfortable with that. That is why it is not easy. This means going deep into understanding your thoughts and triggers.

One huge part about self-acceptance is getting to love both your body and your soul. Only by really doing this you can begin to accept yourself, to be happy and content with the body and mind you have right now. When it comes to accepting your body, it’s all about embracing yourself. Love every little piece of it. Get to be comfortable in your skin and realize that you are truly beautiful, and you are your own kind of beautiful. Don’t compare yourself to absolutely anybody else. Recognize other’s beauty, but understand their beauty does not invalidate your own.

Now, when it comes to loving your soul, that’s when it gets a little bit hard. Everyone has different likes, different mindsets, and of course, different strengths and weaknesses… And that’s okay! Accepting yourself and how you are is knowing these things. Knowing what are you good at, what you’re bad at, what you can work to improve and what you can’t simply do. And being okay with that. This is also known as becoming self-aware. 

Working on accepting yourself is extremely important because it helps you realize your own value. We often tend to look down on ourselves and not realizing how amazing and unique we are, and that will change once you truly accept yourself. Self-acceptance can boost your self-esteem tremendously. It can help you be kind to yourself and to others and helps you work on yourself every day. Not only that but accepting yourself truly allows you to live your best life. It might sound cheesy, but when you realize you are a unique one of a kind person, and that don’t have to meet anyone’s standards but your own, your life just significantly improves.

Self-acceptance and self-awareness take time, patience and a lot of self-love, but you can start today and get through it. You can start right now being kind to yourself, and start working on your mind, your body and soul. What’s stopping you from trying? To get started, ask yourself questions when you are feeling happy, sad, angry, or upset. Questions like why am I feeling this way? Is it the person or situation? Has this situation happened before? When have I felt this way before? Asking myself questions like these really helped me find patterns of my behavior and helped me break bad habits. I now understand certain things that make me upset and I can now communicate that to people to help combat any issues. It has also help me become more empathetic as well to others.

Thus, self-acceptance has a lot more to do with working on the tough questions and learning to forgive yourself when you become aware of your behaviors. If you have struggled with accepting your body it is more likely you have to deal with going back to what makes you hate your body or dislike your body. So again start with questions like when did I start to dislike my body? Did someone tell me something to make me feel insecure? Once you start to recognize what triggers you and why you can start to build yourself up with self-love affirmations and start enjoying the person you see back in the mirror.

If you have read up to this point you are serious about your self-love journey and I commend you! I know you will succeed in this journey. Would love to know in the comments of why you think self-acceptance is important?

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