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To find out your body type, just enter your measurements and click on the calculate button.

1. Bust: With your arms relaxed by your sides measure around the fullest part of your bust.

2. Waist: Bend sideways to find your waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso.

3. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Results Below

Apple/Oval:Apple shapes do not have a clearly defined waist. You want to create your own silhouette by highlighting your cleavage and creating nice vertical lines.To create a waist empire waists and baby-dolls will draw the eye up. A-line hems will also create hips for that sexy hourglass shape. Also wearing V-Shaped tops or strapless dresses bring attention to your lovely shoulders and fuller breasts.

Do not wear puffed sleeves or tops with frills around breast area and avoid over sized tops.Stay away from bold patterns, large checks, and light colors above your waist. Wearing any top with too many patterns all over will make you look big and wide on top and that is one thing you never want to do. Stay away from bottoms that are too tight, as this will also make you look bigger on top. Never wear pants that have a pleated front, this will only add inches to your tummy!

Straight: Straight or also termed rectangle is a shape with very little waist or curve definition. A-lines and baby-dolls are going to be your best bet to help create some curves. Also look for prints or ruffles along the upper body to help create depth.Wear a light colored dress with a dark belt. Wrap tops and draping can all help create the illusion of a bigger bust and hips in comparison to your waistline. Jackets or blazers that have darts at the waist and V-neck tops are other ways to curve out your silhouette as well.

Just be sure to avoid square-neck or fitted tops, mid-rise pants and wide-leg or loose trousers, as all of these will create a boxy image rather than a curvy one. Straight body shapes should also avoid clingy or fitted fabrics that accentuate the rectangle shape. However do not wear too baggy of pants or loose of tops. Avoid narrow skirts, cropped tops and boxy jackets. Miniskirts do not elongate or your shape or flatter your shape.

Athletic/Inverted Triangle: Also known as 'boyish" and 'sporty', the athletic shape is one of the easiest body shapes to dress. When opting for a figure flattering dress, always make sure you give definition to your waist. You can do this with belts or with clothes that gently pull in at the waist such as peplums tops. Show off your amazing arms and legs like a simple shift dress. Or for more impact, bodycon dresses were made for you as you can show off you slender shape. Try leaving a scarf unwrapped or accessorizing with a long necklace or low-slung belt to create a vertical eye-line. Remember, drop waists are flattering, so avoid high-waisted jeans, skirts and pants.

Hourglass and Top Hourglass: Curvaceous with full bust and hips with a narrow waist. Always define your waist. Wear a belt or choose dresses or other garments that cinch at the waist. Anything that gives definition, define the narrowest part of your stomach area – for an hourglass this is generally right on the waistline, near the belly button.Since your bust is nice and full, then a v-neck/low cut top should enhance and show off this nicely.Wear fitted clothes, oversized clothing will completely destroy your beautiful shape and make you appear larger.Do wear longer skirts, mid-length skirts will suit you more than miniskirts so do go for that chic pencil skirt.

Don’t wear baggy/boyfriend style jeans, unfortunately these will do absolutely nothing for your body shape.Don’t wear very tight drain pipe trousers, they over emphasis the legs and by comparison will make your shoulders seem wider – slightly flared jeans will suit you much more.Don’t wear empire waist style dresses, these will not enhance your small waistline area and might even make you appear larger.Don’t wear frills and ruffles on the bust area if your bust is very full, these add volume to the bust and might make it appear too large.

Pear Shape/Spoon: If your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders, you're a pear-shaped body. Pear-shaped bodies typically have a smaller bust-line as well. A-line hems and darker colors are best for you.  Also open neck tops will also help draw the eye up. Wearing puffs and t-shaped shoulders make shoulders looks wider and help in creating a balance for this shape. Choosing tops with details on the shoulders also help this cause.

The most common mistake for women with this shape is to wear dresses that are tight around their hips which literally accentuate their waste and thighs. This could be avoided by wearing dresses that are lose and flowy on the hips. Avoid skinny leg jeans which will make thighs look wider and gives your lower body a triangle shape.





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