Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Basic Fashion Rules
  1. Don't pull up your stockings in public.
  2. Do wear color near your face.
  3. Do soften the hard lines of a suit with a lace top underneath.
  4. Don't wear sweaters so long that they make you look short.
  5. Cropped pants can make you look shorter.
  6. Do wear a hip slip or minimizer under tight clothes.
  7. Do have a stash of basics on hand: T-shirts, leggings, black socks and tights.
  8. Patterned leggings can make legs look heavier.
  9. Monochromatic outfits are one of the best slimming secrets there is.
  10. Don't over accessorize.

Lies, Lies, Lies

  1. Nice girls don't wear white after Labor Day.
  2. You shouldn't wear suede shoes in summer or patent leather in winter.
  3.  Handbags have to match your outfit.
  4.  Black is boring.
  5. If you wear two pieces that are both navy, the colors have to match (It's all but impossible.)

Elements of Style


  1. Try something that's "not you" once in a while.
  2.  Adapt trends so that they work for you--and adapt is the key word here. A plaid minikilt isn't for everyone, for example. But if you love the look, try a longer plaid skirt.
  3.  Hold on to a few of your favorite outdated pieces. You never know!
  4. Add a couple of stylish, inexpensive things to your wardrobe each season. 
  1.  Force yourself to wear something for somebody else.
  2. Don't Dress like a teenager.
  3.  Don't Mix two seasons in one outfit.
  4.  Wear really casual shorts or beach sandals on dress-down Fridays. 



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