What Happened to Dress Me Good

Dear Valued Customers, Blog Readers and Supporters.

Effective February 1st, 2018, we are excited to announce that we are changing our company name to:

Master Self-Love

Our new name reflects the true passion of helping empower independent women with self-awareness and body confidence. The online clothing boutique Dress Me Good was focused on empowering women on the outside with clothing available in a variety of sizes but our true mission and passion is to instill a deeper inner core confidence in women wanting to take on a self-development journey. Dress Me Good Clothing can be found by clicking here on Shoptiques a site with specialized boutiques from all around the world.  

 I want to help women realize their highest potential and help them build a confidence so that they can love themselves unconditionally. The new site will provide tools, ecourses, guides, and one on one coaching that will focus on building positive thinking, building a game plan for your life and focusing on the things that are holding you back. These great tools are coming soon and we look forward to sharing with you all. For now, please read our blog posts weekly to get started on helping you improve your life goals with tips that are based on positive and abundant thinking. Our social media outlets are a great way as well to help you build better thinking and to join a community of women that are trying to love themselves as well. 

We understand that you may have subscribed for the latest fashion advice, sales, and new clothing items and you may want to unsubscribe if you don’t want to improve on building your body confidence to a deeper level.

Should you have any questions regarding this name change, please feel free to contact me. Or if you have any suggestions as I am building the site and content please let me know.


Larissa Gonzales

Creator of Master Self-Love

Author of Master Self-Love Blog




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